Find winning products on Etsy™ in a few clicks

Analyse your competitors and find best selling products by any keyword

Our Features

Deep Keyword analyse

Type your keyword and we will find products that are really in demand and are selling at the moment in your particular niche on Etsy™

Etsy™ Vendor analyse

Analyse your competitors and get detailed analyse about products that are being sold well and how much they earned on these products

Product Sorting & Filtering

Select filter and sort products by price range, number of sales, revenue, reviews and favorites to find those which fits your needs the best

A huge amount of data handled

We analyse thousands of products, thoroughly check each of them and give you clean numbers for each of your request

Find design ideas for your shop

Are you looking for POD design ideas? Angry Magnet will assist you in finding ideas in your particular niche by any keyword

  • * 20 keywords analyse per month
  • * 20 vendor analyse per month
  • Future updates
  • Support that are open to help
* You can search and analyze a certain amount of vendors or keywords which is specified in the current plan. Every vendor or keyword will be detailed analyzed. We will handle thousands of products to get the hottest ones especially for you.